Ryuunosuke Tanaka

田中 龍之介

Also Known As:

  • Ryuu
  • Monk Cut-kun

Team: Karasuno High
Age: 16
Height: 177.2 cm
Weight: 68.8 kg
Birthday: March 3
Year: 2nd Year, class 1
Number: 5
Position: Wing Spiker
Favorite Food: Melon bread
Current concern: He tried calling out to a lost-looking first-year girl to tell her the way to her classroom, but she started to cry.
Ability Parameters (out of 5): Power = 5; jump = 3; stamina = 4; intellect = 2; technique = 2; speed = 3

Loud, hot-headed and easily angered, he is no stranger to picking fights. He is also somewhat of a slacker, shown by his less-than-stellar work ethic in school. Despite all this, he is shown to be caring and supportive towards his teammates, and even protective of his underclassmen.

Once he gets fired up, he is usually unstoppable on the court—and also unstoppably loud, as demonstrated by his over-the-top cheering after scoring the first point in Karasuno's match against Tokonami, which resulted in a warning.



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