Hideaki Nakajima

中嶋 英明

Height: 182 cm
Blood Type: A
Birthday: November 19
Zodiac: Scorpio

He is the vice-president of Student Council at Bell Liberty, yet also the shadow behind the President Niwa Tetsuya. He loves sharing his work with the King; nonetheless, even if this means forcing Niwa to do his work. He is someone you can count on, with a great sense of logic, pride and justice. He has great fighting skills in karate as well.

On the other hand, he is cold and secretive. Some may find he sometimes acts very cruelly but he mainly enjoys the reactions his actions or words may cause in others. His tastes for playing such games goes sometimes as far as manipulating others. His blunt manners are a result of only speaking of necessary things. He will not hesitate to push aside things that stand in his way, by intimidation (as with Omi, by calling him a dog or by force (during the game). At heart he is a devoted and supportive friend even if he remains very hard to read.

He likes to listen to Jazz, and is a regular at the town's pub. It is his way to "change paths."



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